StartUX Network:

StartUX Group A unique platform founded by Avi Barel in order to help Start-ups and Entrepreneurs, it’s a one-stop-shop that provides professional help and services. StartUX is also a hub for Innovation, startups, Tech-News, Community, UX, Social media and Networking.
StartUX NewsWe always blog and keep up-to date about today’s hottest Tech-News and Design-Trends to bring the most interesting news to our readers. We also provide information about VCs, Angels and other useful topics for Start-ups and entrepreneurs.
StartUX CommunityThe right place to connect between Start-ups and the best UXers for them, and to create a community out of all design-driven entrepreneurs, front-end developers and designers in one place to share knowledge, collaborate and help each other. 
Why? – Most of today’s Start-ups, realize how great UX is essential for their products, and the world needs better designed apps and services. In addition it’s only natural to connect between both sides. A strong bond between Start-ups to front-end developers and designers is essential to help the Start-up ecosystem, that’s why we provide professional help and also a platform that encourages collaboration!
StartUX offers a wide range of services from UX Consulting, Ideation, Research, Design and prototyping to a full working product. And we also help the community by providing:  
  • A platform that connects well-funded Start-ups which are looking for experienced UX designers and UI / front-end developers.
    In addition, a platform that connects experienced UXers and Front-end developers who are interested in working with stable Startups.
  • A platform that connects early stage Start-ups that are looking for Junior UX talents as partners, co-founders or even as a freelancers.
    In addition, a platform for junior talents who want to work with young startups by getting some experience and to enrich their portfolio.

About Avi

Avi is an Israeli UX Expert with a strong research, prototyping, and interaction-design skills.
Avi has gained his experience by working in large companies, such as MicrosoftCisco and NDS. But he also worked in small companies, consulted and mentored Startups, and even founded his own Startup in between.
Avi is always keeping up-to-date about UI/UX, front-end development, visual-design, and technology. He is driven by finding simple solutions for complex business, social and technical challenges. As a tech-enthusiast and an entrepreneur, Avi knows about the challenges that Startups face, it is obvious that early-stage startups can’t afford UX even though they understand the importance and the potential ROI. Even well-funded Startups are having hard time finding the right UX talents for them, that’s why StartUX aims to help bridging between those two worlds. “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”  —Steve Jobs
You can also find Avi on: Twitter, Linkedin,  Medium, Portfolio, and His blog.