A new patent by Apple made public recently, (by AppleInsider) suggests that Apple is exploring the Modular Computer concept of turning an iPhone into a “Brain” (computing unit) that powers a MacBook device. But, what does it mean? Well, in a nutshell, a MacBook-like body (screen, keyboard and lots of
UX Vs Cyversecurity
As UXers, we design with users’ needs in mind (User centered design), we think from our end-users’ perspectives, and we always do our best to design the most intuitive and user-friendly products. But when it comes to simplicity and UX vs. Security and privacy, where do we draw the line?
Smartphone as a Computer
  Modern day smartphones are overtaking desktop’s dominance as the primary gateway to the internet and media consumption. Most of the users prefer smartphones over desktop computers, and Smartphones become their most important device as an alternative to a personal computer, especially with the rise of cloud computing. It looks like
Innovative Design Thinking
Lately, there have been many articles published about Design and UX in the context of today’s hottest topics, such as Cybersecurity and Privacy. However, what’s really special about these articles is the unique approach to these issues, from a design perspective, by encouraging user-experience designers with a holistic point of