Welcome to Future Labs

Future Labs is StartUX Group’s One-Stop-Shop, which offers wide range of services! Future Labs has its own In-House departments for Product Management, Product Design (UX/UI), R&D, and soon, we’ll also have our In-House VC. Contact us if you want to join!
Our goal is to do what we love: Develop our ventures in our own Innovation Lab, and we also have plans to invest in Startups.



What we do?

• Peripheral Innovation Development (Accelerators & Incubators)
• Design-Thinking methodology for Startups and entrepreneurs
• UX consulting for entrepreneurs and Startup Ecosystems
• Mentoring and Innovation Ecosystem Development
• New Ventures Creation (Design-Driven Innovation)
• Design-Driven Innovation culture development
• Optimization and Development via Innovation
• Training and Capacity building for Startups
• Digital Transformation and Social media
• Open Innovation Platform Development
• VCs and Funding (Soon)