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Productivity lifehacks by Avi Barel

Avi Barel’s productivity Lifehacks

  Productivity Lifehacks? So why we need Productivity Lifehacks anyway? Well, we are living in interesting times, there is so much “Noise” around us 24/7, especially when it comes to the Internet and particularly the social media. But it doesn’t end there, because we have to deal with the notifications from
HoloLens and Continuum review - by Avi Barel

Microsoft’s Continuum is here!

Back in May I talked about how I was impressed by Microsoft’s Continuum, so let’s see what’s new about that! Well, I’m really happy to see that finally the Sci-fi becomes reality, I talked a lot about this vision in the past, but as we see now, Microsoft has some
Cross-platform guidelines - By Avi Barel

Cross-platform guidelines

Things you should (and must) know before you design and develop cross-platform applications. And even if you are developing your app only for one platform, it is always essential to know the official design principles for the platform you are developing for.   For designers and developers (devigners?) 😉 Follow these Cross-platform
Material Design Lite
It’s been a while since we talked about Material design and project Polymer, and now The search giant unveils Material Design lite for websites in order to help them look more like Android apps. Google made the announcement on Medium.   Material Design Lite, Android like websites Image by google Wait, what?



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