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We help Startups to Transform Ideas Into Products. We also Blog & share Knowledge.

StartUX is a unique HUB for Innovation, Startups, UX/UI/FE, AR/MR/XR, AI/ML & Tech!


Startup Consulting

UX/UI Help and Consulting for Startups, How to turn your idea into a product

UX & UI Research

UX and UI Design and Architecture for entrepreneurs and Startup Ecosystems

Design Thinking

Design-Thinking methodology for Startups and entrepreneurs

Product Prototyping

Turning ideas into an interactive,
prototypes, and full working products


Avi Barel, CEO of StartUX in the press


Startup nation Angels

The million dollar list

The list contains details about more than 100 Israeli angels / investors and some contact information in order to reach them. The list is editable, so if you are an investor, you can easily add your contact details to the list. As for the Start-ups – do your homework! before



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