Material re-design?

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It’s always nice to see that even on XDA developers community there are more and more discussions and articles about UX, it’s the ultimate proof that today’s developers have a great interest in design and they understand how important it is for their users. take a look on this interesting thread on XDA, talking about the advantages (and disadvantages) of Google’s Material Design.


Pure Android vs. Fully Featured

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Pure Android Experience

As a UX designer, personally I prefer the lightweight Pure Android experience on my Nexus device with Google’s stock android (AOSP)… The reason is simple: after a years with Samsung’s devices with their TouchWiz interface, I always suffered from some lags and inconsistency in the UI, so even though I had a powerful device with a strong processor and a great GPU, the user-experience on the software side was poor. And if it’s not enough, fully featured OS from other manufactures always came with their proprietary apps and services (AKA Bloatware).


Apple’s Force touch is the future?

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When Apple announced Force-touch, I said that someday its maybe gonna replace the Wacom tablets someday. and it’s only a few weeks after apple’s announcement and there’s already a development that uses the Force-touch technology in an interesting way! now you can draw and sketch with a pen (stylus) or any other capacitive object.

Inconsistency in Material Design

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Although Google’s material-design guidelines for designers and developers are fine and beautifully documented, it looks like google themselves are the biggest “sinners”, when I tried Android (5.0) Lollipop for the first time, I noticed the inconsistency in google apps (especially the spinning “hamburger menu” behind the sidebar?!), and obviously I wasn’t the only one… It turns out that there are more inconsistent design-languages in Lollipop, and I’m not talking about third-party applications, I’m talking about Google Apps! I hope that Matias Duarte is aware… 😉

There is a great article on XDA by Mario Tomás Serrafero, talking just about that, take a look!



AR concept by Magic leap

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Another reason to talk about AR (Augmented reality), the guys from Magic leap made a cool video! now you can see how AR supposed to be, very interesting concept, eh? But it’s not that easy, placing virtual 3D objects behind real objects is very complicated even today, real-time processing and “masking” is a complicated process to render, I wonder if Microsoft’s HoloLens can do that (as for today) but I believe they will solve that, because after all,  Microsoft’s HoloLens is a powerful computer on your eyes…

Tesla UI Concept

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I like Tesla and it’s vision, but it’s not a secret that their UI is bad, here is an interesting concept for Tesla’s UI. This concept is indeed a great upgrade compared to Tesla’s current UI, but it’s not solving the real problem, Interacting with huge touchscreen while driving is very dangerous and counter-intuitive for drivers.


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