Avi Barel’s productivity Lifehacks

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Avi Barel's productivity Lifehacks


Productivity Lifehacks?

So why we need Productivity Lifehacks anyway? Well, we are living in interesting times, there is so much “Noise” around us 24/7, especially when it comes to the Internet and particularly the social media. But it doesn’t end there, because we have to deal with the notifications from Instant messaging apps, emails, calendar events, news, tech news, work related tasks, and of course personal life tasks as well…  so how you can stay productive and still being able to keep up to date with everything? I believe that this simple Productivity Lifehack will help you to improve your life, save valuable time and improve your web experience!


Microsoft’s Continuum is here!

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Microsoft continuum

Back in May I talked about how I was impressed by Microsoft’s Continuum, so let’s see what’s new about that!

Well, I’m really happy to see that finally the Sci-fi becomes reality, I talked a lot about this vision in the past, but as we see now, Microsoft has some advantages compared to others. Finally the smartphone becomes a real workplace computer, or sort of… Well it’s not a 64-bit processor in Microsoft’s Lumia 950 XL, and it’s not the full version of Windows 10 either, but the interface is similar to the full version of Windows 10, and in terms of UX this is the most important thing to eliminate learning curves! I really like Microsoft’s Continuum vision!


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