Our AR/MR Projects

AR/MR & XR Research and Prototypes

Step into Spatial Computing

With the rise of Augmented-Reality SDKs (Apple’s ARKit & Google’s ARCore), the new Mixed-Reality Glasses from Microsoft HoloLens, and Magic-Leap, it’s time to step-into an entirely new world of apps and experiences. And for the UX/UI Designers and the Developers among us, it’s also a great opportunity to create productive apps for the Spatial Computing! So if Cross-Platform devices (Mobile, Tablets, Desktop, and IoT) is not enough for you, Then maybe you should dive into the future!

Study with AR/MR glasses

This AR/MR App prototype for students is how I believe we should read books. And also study, and save information in a productive way that will allow us to access that information whenever we need it, by using keywords and Hash-tags. In the future we will have AR/MR glasses (or AR contact lenses) and it will be only natural to access information and knowledge, without having to remember where you’ve read about it, or even without Googling it. This will change the education system, and how we remember and access the things we’ve learned / read. Just like having super powers…

Sketch with Mixed Reality glasses

This is how creative people can be productive with AR/MR glasses (or AR contact lenses). Sketch on paper, save it to the cloud, or locally to your glasses. Duplicate, paste, scale, transform, generate, and do things faster without distinguishing between the real-world elements and the virtual world elements. This will change the way creative people do their work. And for the UX designers out there, imagine how cool it will be to get Axure / Sketch features in the real world…. Be creative and productive, Just like a wizard.

Control IoT devices with a AR/MR Glasses

This is how I believe we should control our Smart-Home IoT Devices. Not with remote controls and Smartphones, but with your hands, just like a Jedi! In the future we will have AR/MR glasses (or AR contact lenses) and it will be only natural to control everything just like having telekinesis capabilities!

Jogging and watching videos or lectures

I always wanted to stay productive and even learn something new while jogging, but with a smartphone in my hand it’s too dangerous! But soon, it will be possible to do just that, thanks to AR/MR Glasses!

Control your Tesla with AR/MR Glasses

Another quick concept: Control your IoT devices like a Jedi! This time Tesla’s Smart key and IoT connectivity with AR/MR glasses. Now you can remotely watch your internal dash-cam , just like you are sitting in the car. And with Tesla’s SUMMON feature, one day you’ll be able to drive your car remotely!
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