Cross-platform guidelines

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Cross-platform guidelines

Things you should (and must) know before you design and develop cross-platform applications. And even if you are developing your app only for one platform, it is always essential to know the official design principles for the platform you are developing for.


For designers and developers (devigners?) 😉

Follow these Cross-platform guidelines from Google, Apple, and Microsoft (there are guidelines even for Linux distros) before you develop your application, note that there are also guidelines for the wearable devices (smart-watches etc.). Check out the attached URL’s below, And you are more than welcome to add your own links.










What abut Linux?

Well, there are Design guidelines even for Linux, in fact, each desktop environment has its own unique guidelines. And there are so many Linux distros (distributions) with so many UX approaches, but I’m gonna focus only on the popular desktop environments.


Canonical (Linux)


Gnome (Linux)


KDE (Linux)


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